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June 6, 2011 / qalbesa

Mandela and Tadasa Biru, the mystery of Mandela’ Gun

in 1962, Mr. Nelson Mandela secretly travelled to Ethiopia for military,
political and spiritual training. Haile Selassie’s Ethiopian army, on the orders
of Haile Selassie himself first trained and armed Nelson Mandela in his
struggle against apartheid South Africa. On the personal orders of his Majesty,
the Ethiopian  Colonel Tadasa  Biru,( later General) in charge of Mandela’s military training gave him a
gun with which he was to bring down the ignoble and unhappy apartheid
regime still thriving at that time in South Africa. Mandela went back to South
Africa to continue his struggle. The rest is history. The subject of the
News-story that follows below concerns that very gun that Tadasa provided Nelson Mandela… ” – Editor’s Note:
per Rasta Livewire] JOHANNESBURG ? Buried beneath a thick layer
of dirt on a former farm in a northern Johannesburg suburb is the most famous
gun in South African history. Or so a team of historians believe.

For the past week, a bulldozer has been
digging on the Liliesleaf farm in Rivonia in search of the Bulgarian pistol that former
South African  President
Nelson Mandela hid weeks before his 1962 arrest by the nation’s white
rulers.The effort to find the gun which was largely forgotten through the

darkest days of apartheid,.The fall of white rule and establishment of democracy has
taken on a life of its own and stoked the interest of many, including Mandela.He
has said, ?I hope you find it,? said Nicholas Wolpe, the son of Harold
Wolpe, an anti-apartheid activist who helped buy the property in 1961 for use
as a secret meeting place for Communists and African National Congress members.
The gun, a semi-automatic Makarov that was never fired, was given to Mandela
by an Ethiopian colonel
Tadasa Biru in 1962 when the ANC leader traveled secretly out of
white-ruled South Africa for military training. The
previous year Mandela had formed Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), or Spear of the
Nation, to lead the ANC’s armed struggle. Records suggest Mandela buried the gun
on or about July 25, 1962 ? just under two weeks before he was arrested elsewhere and
tried for incitement and leaving the country illegally, according to Nicholas
Wolpe. Mandela has said he and an unidentified comrade buried the weapon along with 200 rounds
of ammunition in a 1.5 meter-deep pit some 50 paces from a kitchen
at the Rivonia hideout. The farm was raided by police in 1963. Mandela, who was
serving a five-year sentence at the time of the raid, was charged with sabotage
along with a group of others that included Govan Mbeki,
the father of current President Thabo Mbeki. They were convicted and
sentenced to life in prison at the infamous 1963 Rivonia Trial. Some have
speculated that the discovery of the gun in 1963 could have led to Mandela
and his comrades being charged with treason, which carried an automatic
death sentence under apartheid law. Mandela was freed in 1990 and went on to be elected
South Africa’s first black president in 1994. In 2003, Mandela visited the
Rivonia site and pointed to a spot where he believed
the gun to be buried. It’s over there, he is quoted as saying. If found, the gun will
become part of a planned learning center to be established
at Liliesleaf, said Nicholas Wolpe, who founded the Liliesleaf Trust
to preserve the farm as a historic site. The trust has received money  from the South African government, the private
sector and individual donors.

By Paul Simao

For Reuters

Fri Jun 23, 2006

However Mandela was succesful in his struggle and achieved what he and his people want but his trainer Tadasa died fighting oppression, subjugation and so on. yet his people are far from what he and his people sought to achieve.



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  1. bedasa gemeda / Apr 17 2012 1:24 pm

    obboo qalbeessaa jabaadhuu seenaan sin irranfattu hanga lafa kana irra jiraateet qabsoo godhii ummatichaaf,

  2. Bgy / Apr 24 2012 5:03 pm

    yaa obboleessa tiyya mee maal jeenna egaa. namnii lammii keenyaarra baratee, gorsa irraa fudhatee, biyya isaa bilisa baasuu danda’eera kankeenya garuu akkuma arginu kana. haata’u malee seena kana walitti qabdee nubiraan gahuu keetif gudaa sigalateeffana. Egaan obboleessa tiyya akkataa du’a goota oromoo Jeneraal Taadasaa Birru kan argattu yoo ta’e naaf barreessi.

  3. melaku girma / Feb 6 2013 10:37 am

    seenaa isaa keessatti immoo ilmaan meeqa akka qabuu fi isaan immoo amma eessa akka jiraatan gabaabsii naaf barreessi


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